Meet ASUS@vibe+ !

Meet ASUS@vibe+, a suite of apps recommended by ASUS that help make the most of your tablet experience. ASUS@vibe+ is free-to-use, and it features popular apps & content across categories like music, games, ebooks, magazines, news, and more.
★ Browse, install, and enjoy: ASUS@vibe+ helps you discover great content for your ASUS tablet. Browse through a series of dashboards, and when you find something that you like, simply install the app associated with the content.
★ Personalize your browsing experience: Choose which dashboards you see in ASUS@vibe+. For example, if you want to regularly browse the “Arts & Entertainment” subcategory of ebooks, add it in as a browsable dashboard through the “Edit Content Source” page.
★ Special offers: Stay on top of deals available through ASUS@vibe+. When available, an app will display an offer in its dashboard. See that number in the bottom-left corner? ASUS@vibe+ helps keep you in-the-loop by providing notifications of these deals. Finally, subscribe to our e-newsletter and be among the first to be notified of these offers by email.

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