[Notify] I-Play upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 issue

If you have Multiple Icons for a game on Windows 8 (see screenshot below) – There is an easy process to removing them.

Follow the Steps outlined below

1 : Locate the Additional Icons on the All Apps Tabs in Windows 8 – Which you wish to remove as shown below.


2 : Select the Icons you wish to remove using the Mouse and the instructions below


3: Open the Location of the Icons on the Computer HDD and select the Icons to remove as shown below.


4: Having Select the Icons which are no longer required – Delete them from the Computer HDD


5: Return to the All Apps Tab on Windows 8 to check that the unwanted Icons have been removed.


6: Repeat the Above process for as many Icons as you wish to remove from the All Apps Tab in Windows 8.



What’s New – About ADOBE DRM

If you want to open DRM-protected ebooks on your device it is always necessary to authorize your device with your own Adobe ID in advance. Otherwise the DRM-protected ebook will be opened and marked with a random Adobe ID.

The next time you want to open the same ebook again, an error message occurs and you can not access the content of the ebook anymore (because random Adobe ID can not be found again).