Meet ASUS@vibe+ !

Meet ASUS@vibe+, a suite of apps recommended by ASUS that help make the most of your tablet experience. ASUS@vibe+ is free-to-use, and it features popular apps & content across categories like music, games, ebooks, magazines, news, and more.
★ Browse, install, and enjoy: ASUS@vibe+ helps you discover great content for your ASUS tablet. Browse through a series of dashboards, and when you find something that you like, simply install the app associated with the content.
★ Personalize your browsing experience: Choose which dashboards you see in ASUS@vibe+. For example, if you want to regularly browse the “Arts & Entertainment” subcategory of ebooks, add it in as a browsable dashboard through the “Edit Content Source” page.
★ Special offers: Stay on top of deals available through ASUS@vibe+. When available, an app will display an offer in its dashboard. See that number in the bottom-left corner? ASUS@vibe+ helps keep you in-the-loop by providing notifications of these deals. Finally, subscribe to our e-newsletter and be among the first to be notified of these offers by email.

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[Important] Android ASUS@vibe 2.0、3.0 service end notify


Dear Customer,

On April 30th, 2013, we will retire the existing asus@vibe service on Android  and replace it with ASUS@vibe+, a new way of enjoying great entertainment on your ASUS Pad. Update to ASUS@vibe+ to try our intuitive user interface and explore millions of games, books, music, apps and more.


Starting January 30th, 2013, you will no longer be able to register an account, purchase any items, or subscribe to any services on asus@vibe.  Instead, please use ASUS@vibe+. On April 30th, 2013, we will terminate all services for asus@vibe on Android.


If you have any questions on the items/services on asus@vibe, please contact us at